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Lionel Hanson Tazi

Lionel is a cool, energetic natural, with a flair for the cool, creative, and catchy one-liners. He loves Kids Fm 101.7 and has the vibe to shake your world.


- Smooth Talker: With a voice like silk and a wit sharper than a razor blade, Lionel keeps the kids cheery and poised.

- Certfied Foodie: A Five-star general with honours in Food Networking, Lionel works magic behind the scenes, devouring all types of dishes from Eba - Fried Bulgarian lettuce.

- Super-Hero: Look out every weekday evening for Lionel who is on a mission to save the day with his useful tips. Youthful tips I suppose.

Vision: Lionel dreams of a radio station where every kid is happy and loves KidsFM 101.7.

Fun Fact: When Lionel's not on the airwaves, he's  on a quest to find the world's best gamehouse and look dapper. 🎮

1.​ 3 words that best describe you... Daring, Fun, Brilliant

2.​ If I wasn’t working at the radio station, I’d be... A Photographer
3.​ My celebrity crush is... Ana Celia de Amas
4.​ The song that best describes me is... Nightshift by Commodores
5.​ I have a fear of... Failure
6. ​If I could have dinner with one person it would be... Will Smith
7.​ I bet you didn’t know I could... Fly
8.​ My favourite movie is... Home Alone
9.​ The ultimate TV show is... Money Heist
10.​ The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is... Amapiano (Soul)